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Southland Floors: Carpet and SPC Flooring

We know that when it comes to your home’s flooring, you need products that you can depend on. That’s why we work with only the best flooring manufacturers around, including Southland Floors.

Southland Floors offers an extensive array of flooring options for both residential and commercial applications. Around since 1974, Southland Floors has built a reputation for reliable, versatile flooring options for Florida homes and businesses. We’re proud to offer flooring solutions from Southland Floors to our customers.

Laminate Flooring Services

Carpet From Southland Floors

Carpeting is a comfortable, convenient flooring option for your living spaces. We provide an exceptional selection of carpet styles, colors, and designs from Southland Floors. Whether you need simple, sturdy carpeting for the lobby of your business or a plush, elegant option for your living room, we’ll help you find the ideal product from Southland Floors. 

With proper installation, your new carpeting from Southland Floors will fit seamlessly into your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about carpeting installation

SPC Flooring

SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring is a remarkably durable flooring option for homeowners. As an alternative to traditional residential flooring materials, such as wood, SPC flooring provides heightened practicality and affordability.  

With an ultra-strong core and beautiful exterior, SPC flooring is the ideal junction of form and function. It’s fully waterproof, which extends its lifespan and allows for easier maintenance. Plus, since SPC flooring can be manufactured to mimic the appearance of any high-end flooring material, it will enhance the look of your home’s interior. 

Southland Flooring offers a selection of innovative SPC flooring designs. SPC flooring is quick and simple to install, so after you pick out the right flooring product for your home, our expert team can jump-start the installation process.

Renaissance Water-Resistant Laminate

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